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To improve the loyalty of Runescape Members plan and Solomon shop

Aug-10-2013 PST

Our members of loyalty programs is due to the overhaul for a long time, but this month, you will see. First of all, we have to merge xuan store with Solomon's general store loyalty. This will not only keep your beauty project in one place, can be customized interface, but you also can buy many projects currently available for Solomon's shop, your loyalty!

You can also do good to their own choice and Runescape Gold loyalty to store items,, if you like, though?? Aura and a higher level of loyalty makeup store will remain completely loyalty points project. The benefits of your loyalty program will be useful information, can through the new unified interface, and the existing loyalty program cosmetics can get some graphics and polishing. We are polishing the number of loyalty points awarded to our members every month for a long time, every year the introduction of the landmark project returns, so check the members will be more valuable than ever before.

Xuan store will be closed for a week, before this update, but we will keep you informed, in the running. Keep eyes news detailed information!

Lumbridge battle is fierce fighting, now, it will heat up in the next few weeks. Will be more powerful combat joined the fight, and provide rewards - more titles, and more armor pieces, the more valuable the XP lamp new level - involved in! Fight or collect your chosen side; Lumbridge recovery, and make it suitable for you to help duke university spent his cash, play their part, the event will be the sixth time paved the way!