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To help design the dwarf task in Runescape

Jul-10-2013 PST

Previously, we in the community launched a special video BTS Runescape, where you are asked to choose the next step we should continue to the three series of tasks. In pirates, dwarf and gnome, you choose to be a dwarf series! Our developers are trying to design the content of the next task. This task is to let you have the opportunity to help build the future of Runescape, so now we decided to put your design skills to test!


We will give you a chance through the following game to add the content of your design into the Runescape:


Chaos: druid leader for the game, we ask that you design an evil NPC Runescape. You will need to create living in Taverley dungeon d chaotic druids are male or female leader's name, personality and description. He or she need is human nature, but beyond that, it is up to you to decide! Designs will be judged by art team Runescape, the winner will be used for the basis of the concept character design. Please note that the team may need to small change according to the requirements of the project.


Monster: this task will be a horrible monster. It will live in the ground, drop a new dragon throwing axe. Again, in addition to these points, it's down to you! We hope you can come up with a really terrible monster look, and send it to our gallery!


Rules: send a name and description to our email. The description can be in the form of text or in the form of an image. Please put your username, email and chaos druid competition "as the theme. No more than half a page of A4 text. Must be before the end of the July 19 send for qualification. All entries will be Jagex property co., LTD.


Prizes: the winning entries will be added to the game. Your name included in the pursuit of integration.

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