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To capture a bigger fish and new in shop

Sep-11-2013 PST

On September 10, 2013 challenge, there is always a bigger fish. Capture, or assist others in chase, in a fish called a big fish.


Hero crit and teleport


Super September is on us, you earn great super hero award activity seems the most powerful challenge. The latest version, I can extend your heroism is beyond challenge - it is the ideal complement to super bonus items in September. I suggested: the hero crit, teleport! Start the fight with the enemy, and occur with each key hits a comic book style exclamation point! Must try to melee and ranged attacks and spells, each style has its own species.


Why don't you will hero crit with Hitsparks? Although punish the enemy in battle, every blow one of five colors land will produce a bright spark. Your attack must be the super in addition to stand out! Rounding a superset of the September release, there are two new super teleport. Quietly change costume commensurate superbeing wardrobe malfunction blinking, or channel anger into superman grow and angry sky jump km above the earth's air.


All of these sensational increase is now from my store, so please don't decline as early as possible at your convenience. If you want to purchase additional runecoins, you can do that, or click "buy" my shop here in Runescape Gold. Free items for the member is currently Kalphite helmet. From September 11, it will be the following headings: wild. If you haven't, free must be grasped at the helm of coverage!