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Tips To Create Elite Skilling Outfits

Jul-05-2017 PST

As Elite Skilling Outfits are coming out in Runescape now, here we will give you some tips to combine skilling outfit pieces to make Elite Skilling Outfits.


After you finish all the outfits, you can get a large lamp or large star for the skill represented by that day's outfit. But on July 10, you can get a large XP star or lamp for any of the skills. When all five pieces of an Elite Skilling Outfit have been created and are worn together, you can get a great number of benefits for that skill. The benefits are as below:


Infinity Ethereal Outfit

1. 7% chance to double your runes (and therefore XP) when siphoning in the Runespan

2. Five daily teleports to the Yellow Wizard

3. Rune-free travel between platforms (skill requirements must still be met)

4. 50% chance for rune pouches not to degrade

5. 12 rune essence or pure essence can be stored in the body

6. Body and legs grant a weight reduction effect

7. Corresponding pieces grant the effects of the Master Runecrafting Robes, Wicked Robes, 8. Wicked Hood and Morytania Legs 4, if owned


Fury Shark Outfit

1. +7% fishing catch chance

2. Chance to catch extra fish

3. Chance to not use bait when catching

4. Living Rock creatures are not aggressive

5. Grants the XP boost of the fishing outfit, for each corresponding piece owned

6. The option to eat all the fish you catch, for double the XP and no bank running


Elder Divination Outfit

1. 7% chance to double harvested memories, granting twice the XP and divine energy

2. 7% chance to double chronicle fragments or elder chronicles

3. 5% chance for 5x the energy when harvesting wisps

4. Three teleports per day to any wisp colony, as long as level and quest requirements are met

5. Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer. If The World Wakes is completed, this includes Guthix’s Cave

6. Grants the XP boost of the diviner’s outfit, for each corresponding piece owned


Master Camouflage Outfit

1. 7% chance to pickpocket twice

2. 7% chance to avoid stunning when caught pickpocketing

3. 7% chance to avoid snake bites in Pyramid Plunder

4. Allows auto-pickpocketing up to 10 times in a row

5.. Increased chance of finding Black Ibis clothing and the Sceptre of the Gods in Pyramid Plunder

6. Increases chance of finding Seren symbol pieces

7. Imparts the benefits of the Gloves of Silence, the Trahaearn exoskeleton, and the XP effects of the Black Ibis outfit, if owned


Warped Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit

1. 7% XP boost to all skills while Dungeoneering

2. 7% XP boost for floor completion

3. 7% lower depletion rate on skilling spots

4. 7% combat damage boost while Dungeoneering

5. 7% discount on rewards shop and floor prestige

6. +3 level boost to all stats while Dungeoneering

7. Greater spawn rate of rare Slayer mobs while Rungeoneering

8. No slipping on icy floors

9. May skip one puzzle room per party per floor

10. 20% chance to not use up a lock melter

11. +3 daily sinkhole teleports

12. +10% XP from Sinkhole dungeoneering lamps


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