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This week some update

Nov-15-2017 PST

This week more small updates in RuneScape. Maybe you must interest in, such as: the luck rings, gold accumulator and Gloves of passage. Now let us know about them.


The luck rings (RuneScape LotD)


This week, there is change from the luck rings including the LotD bug. Because of some glitches, a bunch of rare drops have entered into the market, and the player unexpectedly get number of rare drops. But a few hours later, it was frozen. It's lucky or unlucky? Jagex has fixed now, but about is small mistake Jagex response is not so satisfied.


RuneSape Gold Accumulator


Now, you will see a permanent gold accumulator in the Daemonheim rewards shop. And can get the gold accumulator from the Dungeoneering skill. Also can get it in “The Faraway Place where Things are Kept”.


Gloves of Passag


Gloves of passage can be gained from the Magister. When you wear, after a successful hit of the Havoc ability, the damage within two ticks of your next melee attack in 6 seconds is increased by 7%.


The above is a small update this week, hope you will like it. Notice. On Saturday(Nov.18) "Black Friday" Carnival Event will begin at our website. More cheap Runescape 3 Gold and Runescape 2007 Gold for sale.  See you On Saturday!


Enjoy your game


Rsgoldfast Team