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The talisman of alchemist is backing now in Runescape

May-17-2013 PST

Beginning from today, amulet fragments. Its core thought is consistent, collected 10 pieces, turning it into an alchemist talisman and bales of Runescape Gold. If you are using 1-9 pieces created amulet, it will be cosmetics, but collect and transform 10 pieces, make you a special talisman also throw in some handy feature, you will get more gold pieces you are using.

Then there were the changes?

First of all, the talisman has a new name and new look. Transformation between 1 to 9 pieces get a shining cosmetics the alchemist's talisman. Transformation of a full set of 10 pieces received universal radiation the alchemist's talisman.

Second, after modification, is now a return of gold is proportional to the number of overall technology level, and the use of fragments. The higher your level, you will receive more gold!

Third, radiation to the alchemist's amulet awarded 15 senior gold spells and 1 free teleport to exchanges of every day.

Last but certainly not the least important - you will find a transmutation plate up for grabs. 1-10 amulet fragments transformation and tablet PC in your body, it will be burned off, but gold will double. All ten pieces and transmutation tablet, it would be possible to get as much as 5400000 gold!

Talisman fragments and transmutation tablets will be on May 17, 00:00 and 23:59 on May 27th. You can be found on our website and buy!