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The skill of Runescape Nexus is members only

May-14-2013 PST

Have some unspeakable horrible things in Lumbridge swamp below brewing, and druids Ysondria need your help to send it back to the pit! Nexus is a new prayer skills training method and the target group is a low-level players in Runescape, there you will direct your inner strength to Lumbridge swamp is formed under the evil things. It is designed to be a social training method and pray so that you can in the use of low-level skills Runescape friends to chat with you.

The south end of Lumbridge swamp and the nature of corruption will become clear in the center of the - a dark hole, twisted horns and clenched hand. Speak Ysondrianearby, they will tell you the story of how the Nexus of come, and how they can help.

First of all, you need a bag, you can obtain Ysondria. When you have this, you can click on the Nexus to fill and the corruption. Once the sacks containing the Nexus of corruption, it is time to return it to the Nexus - use as a weapon against their evil. To do this, first of all want to find a stone around the Nexus. Click a bowl around the pillars, you'll begin to purify corruption, feed to the Nexus in far less comforting form! These steps make your prayer XP, low-level players will find that it is a great way to train.

In some cases, the flow into the Nexus will become orange, will be blocked, the balls of light from each of the above four pillars of every aspect. If you channel obstruction, when this happens, you have to switch to a different bowl.

Five times as if this happens, watch - terrible grotesque Nexus will work its way! When the terrorist, click it, and help banish it with sheer will power. Successful, it will decline in bone - buried in XP - gives you a huge chunk of prayer.

You from channelling, purifying and burying grotesque bare-bones make Prayer XP and Runescape Gold percentages will vary depending on your level. However, one thing to note is that you can through the Nexus to earn XP (including all the above three methods) up to 37224 XP. It is enough to make a new Runescape players useful skills beyond the level the first obstacle, for others is a great can go to and friends in every grade Runescape XP skill.