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The runescape events in this unusual week

Jun-23-2013 PST

If you're reading this on Thursday, June 20, BST before 9 o 'clock at night, you still have time to go to for more than the RuneZone RuneRadio adjustment in this week's episode of the page above the dead podcasts. Our own defense osborne will shed some light on one of the most mysterious character in RUNESCAPE, hazy Sliske! If you missed the episode, don't worry! You can find it (along with the plot) in the past our iTunes pages shortly after the release.


RuneZone community support service invite you to join them in the game of hide and seek with the distortion of Titan's fight night challenge! If your wisdom, and your sword is as sharp head to their BBS, check out the details. RuneZone also announced the 2013 SummerBeat events this year, is expected to become greater than ever before, the better!


Some of you may have seen the people when it was released last year, but I like it! - is not just a game RUNESCAPE by markus graff gabriel is a terrible self, a truly talented musicians to record audio track. Listen to it, let us know your thoughts!


Druids third age group in this splendid paintings capture the harmony of the elegant, Paulanna has done good work. This is one of my favorites. Crisp fertilizer, police box residence time travelers from Icthlarin may appreciate the images. Letter Gallifreyan write your avatar RUNESCAPE? Aron, Y! This is all now. I hope you enjoy this week's round! Delete the comments in the thread below link and let us know your idea. Keep in sending these submissions (as well as any you have found from the community cool) community  and we'll see you next week! Don't be nervous.