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The new prop of Party Packs in Runescape


The new prop of Party Packs in Runescape

The latest version brings the heart of Gielinor holiday spirit. No matter you get achievement, or just enjoy the holiday joy, I recommend: Party Pack!

Just the most a Party Pack and place on the ground, and sharing in the companion content: Cake hat, Party Cake, Party music box, a Glass of bubbly, Sparkler, Party horn, the Party popper. Only the Party Pack owners can get Cake hat, although may use its own crown, or guests of their choice. Similarly, they only ask Party cake, Party music box.

Placed on the ground near a Party cake - year may for their delicious slice. Use music box, play a happy tune and nearby adventurer allows expression through a special dance dance, festive fixture. A glass of champagne, you have two players in the mood for the first time in history - there are two new emotions to try. Try these delicious drinks, one of a player holding a drink their own, or the host Party Pack here.

Party Pack can be obtained from my shop now, so please at your convenience to buy as soon as possible. If you still want to buy Runescape Gold, you can enter my store inside buy Runescape Gold. All the members to offer you a discount of 10%.

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