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The new interface system is testing now

Jun-30-2013 PST

With the upcoming runescape 3 and new interface system replaced the old system, it is everybody before they release the opportunity to feedback. Your support, so far has been great, since April, our system has made great progress. All this is according to your feedback, and said it would continue to and more than launch runescape 3. Beginning from today, each player will be able to login to the NIS beta access feedback for runescape BBS. No matter you are a member, or free players, you now have the chance to you, to help define the future of the game.

In addition to completely open beta, we also added XP rewards those who attend. You choose XP on the basis of time and energy spent on public beta in you will be rewarded. You can collect your XP rewards launch runescape 3 - to do the information, make the upcoming! Today, we have also announced a new round of repairing and improving, including:

Improve bank interface, update the visual effect and inventory integration, make the Banks more smooth and easy to use. It also can adjust the size, so that you can make the most of the big screen. All the new stock quickly, has been brought to life's mysterious additional slots on the action bar. Your inventory now have two custom slots, which can be used to store things, your action bar, and do not take up valuable space. This is a great food use skills or fill in the battle. Hundreds of error repair and flattening, we have spent a lot of time, many aspects of the system, including squeezed a lot of mistakes and do some cool adjustment, make the interface better straighten out in an all-round way.

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