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The new delicate weapons in Runescape


The new delicate weapons in Runescape

A series of brand new designer really delicate weapon, and now is in hot sale.

A total of 15 new weapons to choose from. Whether do you prefer the destructive weapons, can be found in our online store, you look is very amazing.

Amazing new weapons are up for grabs:

Sword, a sword, hammer, axe, two hands of the sword, spear, claws, whip, ji, shield, short bow, crossbows, and employees, magic wand, the ORB

Every single hand weapons have an equivalent equipment to sell, you can get both at the same time. Now can pledge dragon box like cosmetic overrides the same storage weapons, has never been better than it is now obvious weapon collection time.

Arms race starts from 00:00 GMT on May 31, 2013, before 23:59 GMT on June 3, you will have a better chance to win them. You can in our online store to get them to hurry up to buy it with your Runescape Gold.

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