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The new call gear of Runescape is online now

Aug-22-2013 PST

Channel the power of the spirit of the Wolf, and increase your income with your own shaman summon XP equipment, from Friday's August 16 "wealth" scream! Up for grabs in the new project, including the Wolf spirit part and RS Gold, you will find a lot of. Collect five parts - paw, claws, fur, femur and skull - the Wolf spirit combined with blood. You can win the Wolf blood scream wealth, collected from combat, or traded with other players.

Combined with enough Wolf blood and spirit of any part of the Wolf, the Wolf soul and Mohegan, will appear in front of you, their shamans of a dress and a big call XP and communication. When the shaman equipment wear and tear, and each part of the deal on a 1% boost summon earn XP. All five parts wear, a healthy 5% XP booster!

When you have enough blood in exchange for the spirit of the Wolf bone, gold big casino god will give you the Mohegan besides the equipment of the shaman headdress. Gold is a unique necklace, god grant you one day to your chosen a summons the obelisk. When the necklace in the battle, have a chance to double your charm. This charm will last 250 double drops, although later necklace - its contact transmission function - will remain. Also have additional call pendant and wealth to help you call training more screaming top-up gems.

Everything here will be the wealth from 00:00 GMT on Friday (August 16, screaming, until August 26 (Monday) 23:59 GMT. Everyone has at least one spin, a day can make more Free Runescape Gold through the game. Click here to find out how. If you want to learn more, you can buy here, or by clicking on the "add spin" wealth the scream of the interface.