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The new YouTube community home for runescape

Jul-28-2013 PST

I am here to welcome you Runescape community channel on YouTube! Runescape players of 1000 video for many years. Film make us laugh, make us cry - in some cases, we achieve the bleach of mind, to the Internet for our money back. Now, bring them all in one place, we as a platform to show your film RS of the rest of the community to create community Runescape channel on YouTube.

The channel has already filled in the some years my favorite video is very good - but I need more Runescape! Therefore, in order to celebrate this great new channel, the introduction of it, we have a competition! I will dig deep 'acquisition' around Jagex prizes, give the creator of one of my favorite films. The number of the winners and prizes will be entirely based on what you send in the quality

Although it is not a true has the rules of the competition, but here we have a little advice: must be Runescape is the theme of your video. Your video must be less than 30 seconds. Video needs to be signed by you.

Yes, the most simple competition into ever just give you 30 second video Runescape. You can Machinima video, animation and live-action or anything in between. You may want to tell us what would you like to see added to the RS3, you may want to praise your chosen god or hit the RS; Or you may want to send to us your top 10 kill or Runescape fail - it's really for you.

On August 15, I will collect the entry, and create a playlist my favorite is equipped with a stack. If your video function, playlists, you can own bag souvenirs, Runescape membership or if the prize, like Runescape Gold - if you are really lucky - from the box, I have been hidden in my desk.