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The new Owen and Linza hero suits in Runescape

Aug-16-2013 PST

In order to celebrate the opening Sir Michael Owen's first task, the death of chivalry, I have in my store inventory for two sets of suits made of Sir Michael Owen and Linza new heroes! Infiltrating the black knight "fortress can do that, these exquisite packaging style. Each package contains a complete clothes - and, of course, inspired by Sir Michael Owen or Linza - along a unique expression, transmission ratio animation and RS weapons.

Sir Michael Owen's package, you will find his long sword, dagger, two-handed swords, shield covering Linza have a rare opportunity choice, using her unique hammer. Two heroes gift bag - in fact, Ann and ali OZAN package - you can now from my store, so please do drop as soon as possible at your convenience. If you want to purchase additional runecoins, you can do it, or click "buy" my shop here runescape gold inside.