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The members only strategy to the Order of Ascension on June 2013


The members only strategy to the Order of Ascension on June 2013

At the bottom of the Feldip mountain, the Order of Ascension up new, remote centralized dungeons killer, will be officially coming this month! Since after the death of their god, this huge misguided Guthixians power has made some dramatic action. Including as dark and some mysterious purpose to capture the local people, in their attention to the populous city Gielinor before must stop them.

These creatures once the man himself, but now they are quite another. They radiate magic, only has the strongest rangers. They have great strength in the quantity and include a lot of more phyletic: including flexible gladii, healing capsarii, shielding scutarii, and rorarii hunting pack. Everyone has a unique ability and the need to adopt a different strategy, and a level 81 killer.

Legiones is by far the most powerful Ascended: six powerful mages, and their ability for hundreds of years of honed, their minds together a powerful enchantment. Order is a close community, fanatically loyal to each other, and the legiones is the undisputed leader.

Each legiones will stand in as a unique BOSS monster, there are subtle differences mechanics of others. To win it, you will need a killer 95 (or a cooperative friends killer and level) and access each unique trapezoidal Ascended members - other orders drop.

And for those who have the courage to face the legiones, very special reward waiting for. Not only will their decline is very profitable, but they will also fall in 6 Ascended one badge, to create a level 90 Ascended crossbows! The crossbow is the only one you can use the powerful new Ascended bolt, found through the monastery components and refined, the grade 90 Fletcher.

The story of The Ascended is a rich and interesting, they used to over The page, you can find The complete story will be scattered in their home.

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