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The latest Runescape community events and news


The latest Runescape community events and news

If you don't know our goals and achievements of part of the BBS, I strongly suggest you to look at the recent game community! This is awesome threads of home, like that from Tim Skye. Tim had decided to experience provides Runescape, and created the lists a surprising number of skills target thread of the content of each simple byte, allow players to try in big range! If you would like to know how is the Tim, or create an own thread, check out our goal and achievement part of BBS.

If you haven't checked out of the angel of god in the game, this weekend will be a perfect opportunity to do so. We encourage new players - those who are not familiar with dead around god - take a look at our selection of your Runescape camp thread and participate in!

Runescape has some wonderful music, but for those of you who would like to confuse a bit RuneZone RuneRadio station may be just what you're looking for! Recently, they have installed the DJ software updates automatically, create a better audio experience, for the audience to provide more diversified music to choose a more seamless experience!

RuneRadio is where you can hear the above we dead podcasts every two weeks. Theme of secret Sliske next week, so this mysterious individual fans must adjust!

Has just published the Tip reveals a new problem. IT time weekly is available, including the details of metal processing, Runescape Gold and its similarities and differences and the real world. New video channel Zcapers have released their first discussed in the video update, they are discussing the angel of god, who recently updated. Come and see!

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