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The last day to get The Lamp of The Djinn


The last day to get The Lamp of The Djinn

Today is the last day to get the Lamp of the Djinn, saw the most powerful in Runescape, you'll get XP in all 25 skills!!! What are you waiting for? Take action quickly.

During this time, you will find some lamp named after five different elves tribe, screaming and wealth through the game. Collect all three pieces of any type is a lamp, you can build a lamp, and awarded XP on a clutch of skills - and your chosen skill emphasizes RUNESCAPE!

To collect and hold to all five lamps and lanterns, however, you can take them with bottled faerie tales by creating the Lamp of the Djinn. Inunction, it let the XP at every RUNESCAPE skills - much, if you want to used alone one of each lamp type! Trade with other players lamp accessories to complete your lamp collection, more and more close to the incredible 25 XP gain skills.

Players, if you are looking for deals to join LampSwap friend chat channels. Light exchange more details can be found here. After today, you can only be achieved through trade, until the end of June, before they disappear from the game.

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