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The follow of missing and presumed dead

Oct-16-2013 PST

Age 6 new task extra high rewards. Continue age 6 missing and presumed death story. This task is a whole new series, with supernatural detective famous faces confounded; Zoom hit the walking dead; Complete dubbing and reward is applicable to cool the coffin load at all levels. Missing, how may die set scenario would be one of the core plot in the age of 6. To beat the devil RUNESCAPE: you don't want to miss this!


The gates of death


Brother Samwell 's living in seclusion, and he never ready for this. A terrible holocaust, he is the only survivor - his compatriot Saradominist boy is lying on the ground, dead around him. To make matters worse, their souls trapped in a world of mortals, cannot be passed on to the afterlife.


You will team up with Icthlarin - the god of the underworld - this gruesome mystery at the bottom, looking for clues, and ask the witness to infer what happened here. Who killed the unarmed monks?Why do they leave a alive?Death, who should be released from their fetters, such souls in where?Why does it feel that this is bigger than the world, began to have seen more terrible things?


Your adventure


You will travel to far away from the grass Gielinor, meet friends and enemies - gods and mortals. While pursuing any admission requirements, you have already completed the task, the possible functions, because of your action will be in Lumbridge battle of the angels of god, your choices, and more. We sincerely suggest you play missing, presumed dead. You won't miss any reward or core contents, by doing this, you'll enjoy your character, it is a real authentic experience. Your past exploits will reflect and recognize the pursuit of the whole process, so any content more than ever, it will be your adventure.


You will explore a spectacular new field, the challenge of mentality and body: guessing, crossing the barrier, and combat the walking dead. Prevention and treatment of extension to your level, so it must be equipped with fighting for. All this is framed with lush new graphics, spectacular score and complete the dubbing.


Rewards include combat, agile and pray XP lamp for low to moderate level of players, the new death animation, some unusual cosmetics headdress and otherworldly book, containing the new winner of Gielinor afterlife. You can also receive a project, can return to the new field, where you can access the task requires a high level of rewards and content. These include the abundance of XP lamp, above for level 75 players in the constitution, the thief and the skills of your choice. Also have consumptive project to help you by barros rush running in record time.


How to start missing, presumed dead: at the scene of the crime of Paterdomus temple and west of Brother Samwell communication. Go to d Locke's northeast. Requirements: you must be a Runescape member. No other requirements, although additional tasks with the following levels: after you choose the skills in more than 75; The 75 constitution; 75 the thieves.