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The emissary of god in Runescape world

Jun-01-2013 PST

According to the official news. Guthix without law and order, god in their way back in Gielinor! God emissary one of god's spread throughout the world, Runescape and began to seek god's faithful followers. They have already got some from those promises to support the huge rewards, which is the only need to decide to join! Eight factions, each with a NPC will tell you in god's idea and goal. You can find them in the free zone at different sites:

SEREN: fairy kingdom's special envoy, can be found - Endwyr - southern port Sarim. No god: the new faction that god ever Gielinor. Holstein mean they can be found in the northernmost port Sarim. Saradomin: talk to skool Falador park hear about god. Zamorak: if chaos is you of matter, satisfied in Edgeville Moldark. Class: more than elven village, Murknose gather followers ares. Sliske: once a simple maid, Relomia become lost in the shadow realm and become convinced that Sliske god. Renault's conversation with her, to learn more. Mr Ross: empty the emissary SuoLang. His words than in Varrock. Armadyl: Ann aviansie mission, Taw 'paak, tell the world about Armadyl here. She just Falador south.

Once you decided to choose god, as long as you choose to tell emissary. And immediately they will give you a book wieldable flag shows your loyalty and god. This includes eight the first chapter of the story, since god has already occurred in detail for the third era is over. If you change your mind, at any time, you only need to tell another emissary to switch.

If you are a member, you will be able to perform the emissary of three sets of work. Each group has its own category - increases, skilling and exploration - or skill (reward), by them your progress. As you progress through each line, you can put the set at the same time from different assignments. Every emissary work is the same, if you switch to a different emissary, you will pick up the work on the same point, you left them. This means that you will not have to restart, if you change your mind, and do an emissary, then switch to another, you will not get bonus. Complete work to win you have relevant skills, lovers - from activating your wieldable banner - this is of help related activities. You can also unlock the rest of the chapters, in the god of your book. If you do all the work in all three categories, you will receive the relic helm - level 60 hybrid power armored, style, your choice! You will get full details of the offer you the emissary of progress through their work, but you can also find a summary here. Eight factions vying for your support, and eight different philosophy as his proud to claim. Is your choice!

How to get started: find your chosen emissary, speak to them.

Requirement: do you have any require banner, title and the emissary of god. In order to finish the homework, and get the reward for them, you must be a member. Work has a range of skills requirements. See all the details of this.

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