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The dwarf task competition winner in Runescape

Aug-18-2013 PST

A few weeks ago, we ask you to send in your new role in the design of red axe in our pursuit of the conclusion of epic saga. Specifically, we are looking for a new NPCS lead chaotic druids, a terrible monster, who also fell the coveted Long Fei axe your advice! We received a surprising entry tons, has been far more than we can want. Finally, we have to shrink it to the design, we know that we can pursue background, blend in. A few long meeting comments, debate, physical violence and abuse, we finally reached a consensus, the design will be added to Runescape.

For chaos druids, we choose the sinister Ikadia founded by Athonen. You can read the full instructions in our BBS theme, this is our artist's impression: the monster, we chose the formidable chaos Adraman suggested by the giant. His design includes the following: congratulations! We will join your design to the game, will enter your user name for credit, and will send you your writing signed by the concept of art! Of course, there are so many really great work, it is almost impossible, to cut down a winner of each category. Therefore, we want to show some credit as well as the runner-up.

All the entries of Qybenixx by Sylverthiral: thank you! We will publish some of our favorite monster and druids image gallery of entries in the near future. As you may know, we have some very special guest, please visit our Jagex headquarters. Regicidal Dardan, jack, Nathan Road, ruian, agreed to come to visit us in Cambridge, and help us to design a new besides lava flow mine minigame! They are as follows

In a random time interval, the average hourly, lava fountains in a random molten lava flow channel ore block. By casting any water or ice spells, the player must first be cooled geysers. Any number of players can and geysers. Once there is enough water disasters has been listed in the geyser, it set. Geysers have after solidification, the player can dig. Every player who is digging a geyser break, will have the opportunity to get a new pick!

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