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The detail of missing and presumed dead

Oct-14-2013 PST

New task, only members can participate in. This task is I'm really looking forward to, because it began to be released into the game of our most important story for age 6. Foul murder, mysterious message, strange appearance - -, familiar faces, mysterious, but the real thing a real epic, this is just the beginning.


Death - death - have disappeared, Icthlarin - the god of the underworld - trying to fill the blank of the he left. At any other time, Icthlarin might have success, but there has been d Locke Paterdomus temple, neusoft slaughter in the nearby mountains. Can't hope Icthlarin followed, and keep their bodies tethered to the dead.


This is own player.Their first task is to find out who committed the massacre. Then, it's time to find out what kind of death has been achieved.He has already been Deathnapped? After his death, his god Guthix welcome break? This mystery took many great twists and turns, and far beyond the traditional whodunnit. It is firmly in the age of 6, so we are looking forward to a few god sets for the disappearance of death mystery solved. You will get satisfied, and work with Icthlarin; Engaged in and complete the voiced, well-known figures; Explore, graphics lush environment, and get a unique, high-level rewards and death animations!


And much more!If you don't wear your ghostspeak amulet, but Halloween you tense chain and scream for you repair this month, and then head to Solomon's general store! Two new music box head (with new dance zombie image in the 80 s), and two new clothing, there is a obvious bone atmosphere and a gothic look. We bring a new non combustible Gold chinchompa back great transcendence, and provides the members do not charge any fee, or a small Runescape Gold price free agent. There are also some new loyalty program of Lumbridge and loyalty points clothes store price general evaluation, after the battle, you provide in the form of feedback.