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The death knight around the campfire Q and A review

Aug-23-2013 PST

Today, a hero across Gielinor boldly taken the first step, for the sixth time story. Lateral side of the bold Sir Michael Owen, their heart Kinshra tissue for a dangerous mission. They fought deadly enemy, has made the hard choices, came to live it. This time around about our latest adventure, with Gielinorians! Join us will be Mr Osborne (advanced narrative designer), and Sir Alex ferguson R (advanced modeling), Mr Stu (advanced content developers) and jazz Giara (QA tester), with Adam and Sir Ian from the audio team. Them stay as efficiently as possible in order to answer your question will be from the community management team and the dark knight sword lady phoenix.


Come on, another kind of fun, to join our live chat this Thursday! With such a heavy JMod exist, maybe you will find more than you have no hope. Starving art, dead, music and all other relevant article first 6 age pursuit, is how to put this piece of content, what is next on the horizon, the answer to the question absolutely should not miss this chance! Among them: the community home page in the BBS of official Runescape. You can at 6 o 'clock in the afternoon began to enter your question in the form of embedded.


Often ask questions that will happen live chat in our BBS community home page. As long as you follow the "discussion here" link, you can see a thread embedded form. Once the event has been living, you can start to enter your question in the first article on the embedded window. Please pay attention to the topic posted on the problem will not answer. If you are not at your desk / 6 PM to go home, don't be afraid! You should be able to from your smart phone/tablet computer view and join live chat. Through the 'here' heads above the thread to discuss the following link. If you have difficulties, try this link.


Enjoy yourself with this!