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The crown of four seasons in runescape

Jun-29-2013 PST

Latest collection equipment in the game will be on June 28, and on July 8th, you will find the most popular of the four seasons crown. This rare headdress is circulating in the limited time, and both can be traded between players again, also can be in the Grand Exchange trading!

In our store, you will see the bound component equipment, there are four types. Collect 500 - any type of seeds, flowers, leaves and branches - and combining them to create a seasonal theme rockhopper. You can also earn these project specific skills training: Coronet of Spring, Flourishing seeds and Herblore; Coronet of Summer, Lush Blossoms, Woodcutting; Coronet of Autumn, Fallen leaves, Farming; Coronet of Winter, Charred Branches, Firemaking.

Once you combine all four crown, they produced startling new circulation rare itself, the four seasons. Crown to Runescape Gold change the subject, according to different season, there is even a switch options, in order to ensure that your crown shows your season, no matter where in the world.

This activity from the June 28, 2013 (Friday) 00:00 GMT, until 23:59 GMT (Monday), July 8. After that, you will have until the 22 July (Monday) when crown components from game will be deleted.