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The community of this week welcome you back


The community of this week welcome you back

Clothes are great runescape. There is so much variety and customization options, you can lose for several hours, choose the best one! Our society is really good at creating amazing clothing combination, therefore, we believe that we are willing to give you the opportunity to test your design skills.


We are launching our first design contest, where you can send your Suggestions/winter clothes, a special Christmas it to Solomon's general store, for everyone to enjoy!You don't have to be an amazing artist to participate in, we are welcome your amazing ideas. For more detailed information, check out newspost and participation!


Still have time in this year RuneFest game, you don't even need to will be a potential winner!Last week, RuneFest team together to hold a special podcasts, how to work and to answer your question. You can look at the following podcast. Be sure to check out the RuneFest art competition, video series, role play contest, "I'm worth gold dwarf because. . . "Competition's chance to win some great prizes to November 2!


Platinum fan site RuneHQ celebrating its 10th birthday this month, and RuneHQ team hope you can become a part of the celebration!Every day, they are going to run a series of events of community participation in Runescape. All the details can be found their BBS theme. This week, you can enjoy some social skilling at 11 o 'clock on October 18 Runespan BST, some group firemaking 19 October 11 in the morning when the BST.


October is breast cancer awareness month, fan site RuneSlayer already all pink, help raise awareness. RuneSlayer request donations to the national breast cancer foundation, designed to increase awareness of breast cancer, and to help people in need to save lives. RuneSlayer aims to match they received donations of $500, so this is a great opportunity, for justice in my career.


RUNESCAPE artist created this amazing chest of special Teezkut celebrate RuneFest three events this year. Imagine something, you can be stored in there!Mahjarrat didn't get a lot of love, these days, but DE Rezzed sure know how to make them a fair. Leave this fantastic portrait Enakhra!Create a user Tumerde this great black dragon king plush toys!Look at it!So cute, furry, is likely to eat you alive. So lovely.


Upgrade your skills in the depths of Daemonheim need a hand?See these guidelines IdkWhatsRc!This is community round this week. Don't forget - you can always catch the latest air and RuneRadio, our official Podbean page, even above the iTunes dead at the scene of the podcast.

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