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The city of Menaphos and In game areas in Runescape

Jun-01-2017 PST

As June is approaching, the city of Menaphos and In-game areas will be coming yet. Now, we will share the information to you!




The city of Menaphos will be released on 5 June 2017.


Three game world expansions


Three game world expansions will be released on June, September and December of 2017. Each expansion will introduce a new in-game area with a depth of content similar to that of Prifddinas and greater than the size of The Arc in its two collective batches.


Desert graphical update


With the release of Menaphos, the Kharidian Desert will be updated. The graphics of desert animals, such as the crocodiles, will be improved.


Seers' Village graphical update


Mod AOB has announced that as the next in-game area, Seers' Village and Camelot will be updated after the Menaphos update had been completed. Jagex are planning to make Camelot castle larger and built into the mountainside. Some unnecessary things, such as the estate agent, will be removed from the village. The Seers' Village Courthouse will be moved into Camelot castle and the coal truck mining site will be moved closer to Seers' Village furnace.


Karamja graphical update


During GameJam Mod Joe worked on a method to execute some low key graphical reworks by reusing existing graphical assets. The GameJam livestream showcased his application of this to a graphical update for Karamja.


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