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The best online game gold joystick awards to Runescape


The best online game gold joystick awards to Runescape

Golden joystick awards are just around the corner, we are proud to announce that we have once again been nominated for an award! As Britain's annual developers, Jagex won two awards, has been nominated for best network game RUNESCAPE. Released this past year has seen the RUNESCAPE 3: the biggest, updating the game has seen your feedback information in one of the leading enterprises in the development of the whole.Players dominate events such as community of Lumbridge, voting task, such as inherent dwarven battles, the Gielinor future is in your hands, is this your votes, will determine the coveted golden joystick prize winner.


Gold joystick awards is the only player of game industry award, which is why we are so honored to get their entirely by voting in the past.Server hard roll voters can't be wrong.Joystick support in this year's Runescape gold,  just voting page access gold rocker website to register your vote.


Has never been a more exciting moment of Runescape, we hope that you like so far, the dream-like updated in 2013. Many of our future - including epic new world events and new skills - we can't wait to share with you. Access to the back of the game, you of the love.Vote now!

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