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The Wolves and therefore the mythical being Hati and Skoll 2014

Dec-31-2013 PST

The legendary wolves Hati and Skoll come back, all over again determined to ravage the Fremennik tribes. If you haven’t sweet-faced these beasts before, head to the lands north of Seers‘ Village later this month, wherever combat and skill-based content await! Take down Hati victimisation your combat may, and drive Skoll from the lands - building a balefire and job nice meteors to overcome this horrendous foe.


This year, the brothers and ar joined by Eir the mythical being, whom a number of you may have met throughout Blood Runs Deep. With the gods returning, Eir suspects the tip of Things could also be upon the globe, and needs you to assist her prepare by finding her spear and helmet. These may be gained either from Hati and Skoll, or from the Fremennik province divination colony. every player will earn multiple copies on one amongst those items, and can got to trade with different players for the opposite.


Hati and Skoll ar aimed toward players with mid-to-high combat levels, however busy worlds ar usually employed by those less endued with awful combat skills to urge all the reward, that embody cosmetic things, bonus XP in combat, woodcutting, gracefulness and new instrumentality rewards and bonus prayer and divination XP from the fresh else Eir content.