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The Winter Finals tentative early December

Oct-19-2017 PST

Recently, RS official claims that they aren't yet able to announce the date the Finals will commence. but they are expected for early December this year.


The Winter Finals will keep some content from the previous season


1. No cap on XP gain.


2. Unskulled players protect all XP lost on death.


3. The 50x rebuild rate on XP in stats previously lost on death.


4. POH pools are unavailable for 3 minutes after combat.


5. Raids, Zulrah, and Lava dragons are inaccessible for the entire week of the Finals.


6. There is a skull penalty for all players attacking a skulled player.


And so on


As the current Winter Season draws to a close on the 26th October, it seems only fitting to clarify the changes being made for the Finals. Anyway, they are moving in the right direction. We only have the patience to wait.


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Rsgoldfast Team