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The Runescape strategy of Charm Sprites event

Apr-28-2013 PST

Charm Sprites- if you didn't meet before, they can be a level 72 hunter in the hunter area southwest of the tree gnome stronghold of capture of  Runescape woodland creatures. Not only is the hunter, a good source of XP, but they also produce charm was caught, it can be made into summoning charm. Details - all at the same time, the tools you need to - can be, said the tree gnome stronghold door, southwest Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta.

In order to make this fun activities receive the attention they deserve in the world of  Runescape, we have proposed some improvement, to make it more attractive. It only need five slices to make charm charm, instead of 10. Hunter rise in XP added: it now with other hunter training method, at the level of competitiveness, and earn a lot of summoning charm at the same time.

We also introduced a mysterious charm - if you are lucky, in addition to the standard of five colours of charm. These can be used in any colours the charm, so they are convenient, if you need a certain type to complete a charm. Hunting charm elves generally friendly, we have also obtained a certain practical adjustment: in the area of all the trees are gone, so elves more sweeping brush is easy to see now you can store your Yaktwee rods, spiritual allure and charm with Yaktwee himself and the temptation of you even more clearly visible.

Finally, catch up with the 1000 elves speak Yaktwee charm and good you can upgrade your Yaktwee give hunters related interests, like Runescape Gold, at the same time rely on: + 5% hunter XP gain in any hunter training activities (as long as it can let you waving a stick). An additional opportunity to let you can in hunting charm elf, found more rare elves in  Runescape world.