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The Runescape Vic the bargainer Bank Tabs fastness Chat JMod tool case

Apr-14-2015 PST

Vic the bargainer Returns

Due to in style demand, Vic the Trader's come has been brought forward to these days. he is back in game currently, providing a number of the foremost sought-after Treasure Hunter things in exchange for Bonus XP.


Visit his store in Burthorpe, close to the permanent magnet, and swap any Bonus XP you don’t need for credits.


Then, browse the shop to exchange your credits for XP stars and lamps, skilling outfits, variable packs and far, rather more – sometimes solely offered on Treasure Hunter. This includes some things unaccustomed Vic’s store, like exquisite weapons and therefore the mimic pet.


Vic’s back in business right away, swapping Bonus XP for credits till 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time on Monday twentieth Gregorian calendar month. He'll keep in game for a time afterward, thus you will have an opportunity to expend any leftover credits.

Bank Tabs

The Ninja Team have more in an exceedingly long-awaited feature! you may currently be ready to drag and reorder your bank tabs. How’s that for organisation?

Citadel Chat

When within your kinship group fastness, you'll be able to currently favor to show your public chat to all or any players at intervals the fastness or simply to players close by chatting with the Master Guard. currently there’s no excuse to not cap!

The JMod tool case

Today sees the discharge of our new JMod tool case and that we simply ought to swank a number of the new sparkly specials Associate in Nursingd an awful new skilling node which might be spawned by JMods at events. currently if that’s not a decent enough reason to set up some events, I don’t understand what is!


We're wanting forward to running through a number of our new toys to indicate you the additions we've already created. See below for times you'll be able to come back and be part of America in game these days.



All events area unit control at the Lumbridge Crater.

From 12:00 UTC:
Mod Matthe – World eleven
Mod Kalaya – World eighty four

From 14:00 UTC:
Mod Neena – World three
Mod Jon – World twenty three

From 16:00 UTC:
Mod time – World eighty one
Mod Neena – World 124

Have fun, be part of the discussion on the forums, and keep your eyes peeled: next week, the fish tank are here!