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The Runescape Treasure Hunter Time to coach

Sep-25-2015 PST

Time to coach returns from 00:00 UT1 on twenty fourth Gregorian RS Gold calendar month till 23:59 UT1 on twenty eighth Gregorian calendar month – simply in time for Double XP Weekend on the 25th!


For those 5 days, Treasure Hunter are going to be full of things that grant XP or boost your XP gain:

These replace several of the additional common things on Treasure Hunter, therefore get ready currently – make full on Bonus XP, materials and a stock of skilling stations, and obtain prepared for a few really epic XP gains.

Double XP Weekend kicks off at 12:00 UT1 on the twenty fifth of Gregorian calendar month. See you there!

Treasure Hunter may be a minigame playable from inside RuneScape - wherever players use Keys to assert in-game things as prizes. These vary from helpful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.


Playing Treasure Hunter is straightforward click the chest icon that pops up once you log in. If you have not compete before, simply follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets a minimum of one Key per day, and RuneScape members get 2. you'll be able to earn additional Keys whereas taking part in the sport, or replenish by redeeming Bonds.

If you need additional, you'll be able to additionally obtain Keys on the web site, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' inside the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

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