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The Runescape HTML5 test to open all registered

May-27-2013 PST

Runescape Beta program has been running for more than a month, about HTML5 Beta client's response was significant. We have accumulated a lot of feedback and game data, and all of we already passed the first round of testing is necessary. Thank you very much for those so far, and use our test version of the player!

We have finished our first round of bug fixes and feedback, and the client has more stable. We also improved the lighting standard, reduce the character model, improve the environmental performance of the water. Now is open beta client to get more time for feedback and game data, look at how it fit more players play together. Register now Runescape players can access HTML5 Beta plan Beta version of the client. So, if you have not had a chance to give it a spin login, you can get in action!

Please note: this is a major technical update of the beta version, although we have improved, but still not stable or compared with formal client. Your feedback and collection of data will help us further improve, but for now, please to the partial loss of equipment may take extra attention. If in doubt, go to the client in the experiment.

Version of Runescape, released this month 3, we will be open to all members of Runescape two part of the Beta program, and new interface system through the HTML5 allows access to client. We can't tell you that your feedback is so important to us. , your needs and desires, is as important as we develop three RUNESCAPE.