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The Runescape Community Round Up will open in this weekend


The Runescape Community Round Up will open in this weekend

To celebrate the duel arena to update and release, community team would run some Runescape game this weekend. Fame and wealth, glory and glittering prize, Runescape gold and items waiting for you!

This Saturday, RuneHQ events team will go to mage training arena magic in their pursuit! If you have any interest improve the level of their magic apprentice wizard, you can go to RuneHQ BBS for more information.


Sal's kingdom, running competition to create a new web site banner! If you love art and want to get into, you can learn here into the request.

RuneZone has short released its latest novel contest winners. Congratulations Allysaur, her title as "The Second One," The novel won The honor. The current competition will end on April 30, so the new writers, there is still time to enter!

We have another great site action Runescape "video for you this week! ParkerGames proposed a hilarious look at what kind of life might be like if something from Runescape jumping, to the real world. Please remember: please don't try any stunts in the movie. You may hurt yourself or the people around you to attract some very interesting appearance.

If you have been in this situation you have been trapped in a dinner, talk has dried up, you need to check out the miss Liddles "in fact, you may not know about: Runescape cabbage edition". Impress your friends and confuse your enemies, and fill this awkward silence, everyone's favorite Runescape institutions: the humble cabbage these useful facts.

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