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The Runescape Behind the Scenes September 2015

Aug-29-2015 PST

Much like an honest book, September has villains in Lord of Vampyrium, fantastic locations in Prifddinas body of RS Gold water Fishing, and a terrific ending with the Double XP Weekend on the 25th. With Balthazar's Raffle running throughout, you will not be able to place RuneScape down!

Balthazar's Raffle

Every day in September, Balthazar are going to be asking you to roll up and participate in his raffle. He'll supply one price ticket daily from his tent close to Burthorpe loadstone, therefore certify you visit him from the first of September.

He'll conjointly give an extra price ticket per day if you complete one in all 2 tasks: a daily challenge, or looking out the planet for his star act – Gilly Willikers the clown – UN agency has gone missing, and will be tumbling anyplace close to the lodestones of RuneScape.

The choice is yours: enter your tickets on the day you get them, or save them up for a killer prize. there is one thing completely different daily, and that they still rotate throughout the month.

There's one thing new the raffle this year: Balthazar's discount Barrel Blowout. for each 5 tickets you hand in, you will receive a Rummage token. when the raffle is over on October first, you'll be able to profit the token to require a dip in Balthazar's barrel. you will find lamps, resources and a rare likelihood at a golden Akrisae Barrows set!

The Lord of Vampyrium

It's been 9 years since Castle Drakan was further to the sport, and this month's Master quest - The Lord of Vampyrium - opens the gates and beckons you within.

The story starts with one thing that has not happened for centuries: Lord Drakan has shown his face publicly. there's no clue to what he needs, or why he has chosen this moment, however the Myreque do not care. this can be a gilt-edged chance, and that they can grab onto it with everything they need.

Take your house at the top of the Myreque, Associate in Nursing entry|burgled|entered|forced the lock} Darkmeyer and produce an finish to his reign. there is no shunning now: it's time to kill or be killed.


The Lord of Vampyrium is that the penultimate quest within the Myreque series, and has some steep master necessities, therefore certify you are prepared once it swoops down in September:

    Branches of Darkmeyer
    Level seventy nine Construction
    Level seventy eight person
    Level seventy five Constitution
    Level seventy five Defence
    Level seventy five Prayer
    Level seventy five Strength
    Level seventy Hunter

You would be in a bad way to seek out a groundwork as dark, desperate and intense as Lord of Vampyrium, and that we suppose you will go haywire for it. Personally, i am trying forward to count the gravestones outside of chateau Drakan on day one.


Prifddinas body of water Fishing

Ferenc2017's Runelabs plan - Priffdinas body of water Fishing - makes a splash this month, providing social skilling with healthy XP rates in a very stunning surroundings.

Between the Meilyr and Crwys kinship group districts, you'll be able to clamber up the edges of a body of water to a secret fishing spot. Once there, you will be able to sit back and fish crystal urchins to your heart's content.

This is an occasional effort activity, like the Seren Stones. it is not the highest XP within the game, however it is very competitive, and could be a good way to coach whereas chatting along with your friends. We'll even give the odd distraction, sort of a big kid, geyser or jumping urchins.

You'll be able to trade urchins for rewards and knowledge, together with a crystal rod and houses for the much-sought-after decapod. this tiny beauty will solely be found through fishing within the new spots, and can board any home you purchase for it, like the chest and recent boot.


Double XP Weekend | 25th September

For many of you, September are going to be all concerning Double XP Weekend, beginning twenty fifth of September. that provides you a month to urge ready, hoard resources and aim for serious gains!

Throughout the month, we've fine-tuned the updates and promotions to help you thereon path. Balthazar's Raffle offers Bonus XP stars as consolation prizes, and variable packs and moveable banks as prizes. body of water Fishing is prime Double XP fodder, too, and there's the little topic of your time to coach...

Time to coach and additional

If you bear in mind Time to coach, it's dead straightforward. Everything in Treasure Hunter becomes prismatic XP and XP-accelerating things. It's simply the price ticket for power-levellers over Double XP Weekend.

There ar alternative glittering Treasure Hunter promotions to distract you over the month. Starfury armour lands on Gielinor, aboard the come of their partner weapons. These scaling combat sets ar potent in battle however conjointly supply mining bonuses at the Seren Stones.

Finally, we'll be upping the quantity of souvenir slots to fifty, which could be of profit after you see the bleakly stunning things that Lord of Vampyrium has got to offer!

Clan Cup

Finally, seventh September signals the beginning of the 2015 kinship group Cup! This your clan's likelihood to prove their talent, and that we have wonderful prizes up for grabs too. The Bossing Cup tosses out weekly boss challenges that may create the typical player express emotion, whereas we're expecting the PvP cup to be a carnage. The Raids Cup steps it up even more, whereas the Skilling Cup incorporates a completely different flavour entirely, testing your clan's ability to achieve XP among a session.

Make sure you get your registrations in before fourth September if you and your kinship group need to begin handing out family-sized cans of whoop-ass.

It may be the top of the summer and another year at university and college, however we predict you will agree that there is lots to seem forward to during this super September.

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