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The RuneScape Deep Sea Fishing


The RuneScape Deep Sea Fishing

Are you enjoy your Halloween, yesterday ? how many ghosts stories you have found? Anyway, let's talk about RuneScape deep sea fishing, today.


In order to increase the RuneScape fun and sociable skilling, Jagex adds Deep Sea Fishing in RuneScape. Now it has been working in progress. When interacting with other players, you will get more rewards.


Deep Sea Fishing requirements and functions


1. Only players of Level 68 can participate in deep-sea fishing,and encouraging the players to fish in a hub area together, is random and interactions.


2. Obtain the best XP rate in game as intended by clicking on the active Fishing Spots. According to your fishing level will be an additional reward, up to 100%.


3.Make a new fishing spot.


4. You can find the new types of stackable fish at the Shoal Fishing Spots, different fish have unique uses and the ability to be traded in.


5. Although requiring the highest Fishing level, the Sail Fish can heal more than other fish in game.


Just hope you can continue to enjoy the Deep Sea Fishing game. RuneScape Halloween event is over, but our site activity is not over, 50% discount RuneScape gold waiting for you.


Enjoy your game


Rsgoldfast Team

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