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The New Super Rares of Runescape is on sale


The New Super Rares of Runescape is on sale

A group of super rare items from the shelves in Runescape, another group of new replaced them. Brand spanking new super rare of Runescape now up for grabs on the Squeal of Fortune!

Now visit the Squeal of Fortune, you'll find a set of cosmetics had never seen pets, headdress and collect weapons, are waiting for a lucky customers to get them:

Pets: Tumbleweed,Skully,Sq'irks the parrot

Weapons: Wizards' Tower staff,Dominion Tower maul,Slayer Tower shortbow

Headgear: Legendary horns,Closed helmet,Skullbuster hat,Headsplitter hat,Queen Black Dragon helm,Kalphite King helm

The sole screaming equipment opportunities you pack away this weekend will be bigger. On April 18th 00:00 and 23:59 on April 22, you can increase his chance of winning. After that, they will be super rare item no longer for sale with Runescape Gold.

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