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The New Runescape website is online now

Jul-14-2013 PST

As a week to another exciting a campfire. As we have said little about the brand new Runescape web site in a special video about Runescape 3 BTS, but today we bring you three great guest had been working on this project, in our BBS to chat with you. Join mode (chief creative designer), li mi MOD Galcian (senior game designer) and MOD Mkilley (project manager) today (Wednesday, July 10) at 5 PM BST when they began to live on the BBS to answer your question! If you have a problem, they make sure that you posted here.


I'm MOD lee male, lead creative designer Runescape. My title is what mean? Well, it means that I and my team strength related to any non game graphics and art, is to the public. New sites and cartoon, for example, we and any marketing assets, such as advertising, exhibitions, any printing job and cool illustrations, you see on our website often from talent team, my work. I have been in the Jagex for nearly 4 years in my current role, but only about 1 year.


I'm a MOD Galcian senior game designer Runescape. I is the new seasonal hiscores, various elements of RS3 (camera, a new monster coverage and handbags, etc.) and some new content, we can not talk, just haven't! I only been to Jagex about 5 months, but I worked in many other companies (Codemasters frontier development and Crytek to name a few). All of my knowledge, I have already won the studio, and apply it here Jagex Runescape as we know it can be!!!


I'm a MOD Mkilley, project manager for Runescape. I am currently working on 3 Runescape and other upcoming content. I have been in the Jagex for years now, and once in Runescape, many areas across the web and game - for example, the clan.