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The Mod Pips will meet with Runescape players on reddit

Jul-22-2013 PST

Executive producer of Runescape Mod Pips is ask me Reddit participation (almost) any meeting on July 24th at 7 PM BST. We asked him to give you a prelude, "I am phil, executive producer of Runescape, it means that I am responsible for overall product and the team's 160 + who make. My background is in game design, I was in 15 years, in the past two and a half Jagex game development. I am a hardcore player, especially like games. I'm really looking forward to answer your question on Reddit!"

Don't miss this opportunity to ask phil in Runescape, how the team works, how the game, the game development even average big problem. Invites you to a the very special AMAA (ask me almost everything) conference officially renamed/IAMA subreddit, (Wednesday) on July 24,, 7 to 9 PM BST.

Time: on Wednesday - July 24, 7 and 9 PM BST, your problem at next week's preparation and adjustment. We look forward to reading your precious opinion!