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The Introduction to the Lore podcasts of Runescape

May-06-2013 PST

From the Mod after Osborne RuneRadio interview success, we have decided to start the Lore RUNESCAPE podcast series, which will be 9 PM RuneZone 's RuneRadio broadcast, starting on May 2, once every two week.

The Lore team will join JMods in without a meeting to discuss everything you ever wanted to know about the Lore of RUNESCAPE... Maybe the integrated more! For example: what do you want to know why HAM clothes are such an amazing magenta shadow? Or do you want to know what makes such a powerful armored Armadyl. Along with this, the team will let you taste the theya write complex and fascinating story of RUNESCAPE.

All these will be tonight at 9 PM BST are revealed. If you can't listen to, don't worry! You can have a look at our Podomatic podcast, it carries all the previous plot, let you listen to them again at your leisure!

If you look at the involved, make sure you submit one or two problems to the Lore podcast subject, then we will make the Lore team answer them in our regular 'Question Roulette' feature.

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