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The Dimension of the Damned begin soon

Oct-13-2017 PST

Next week ,the Dimension of the Damned will begin and in the competition you will have the chance to win some fantastic returns.


Schedule and Process


1.Get the valuable prizes: October 18 to October 25


2.The player completing 3 sessions will bag you the outfit that everyone wears within Dimension of the Damned, and completing all session goals within one session will bag you the RIP Axe weapon override.


3. The top 1000 players will receive the final invitation message and emails. Whether to participate to be determined


4.The Finale of Dimension of the Damned beginning at 18:00 game time on October 28.and the invitees can log into the servers from 17:30.


Pay attention:


If you don’t log in until 18:00, you will miss out on the Finale.


When you die or quit, you can not join the game again.


The final winner of course get the prizes,including: Trip all costs to pay for Jagex, Gold Club members2018(Top.5),Lifetime membership and so on. The last, you can give us feedback, what do you want any offers in Halloween? We are preparing. Thank you for your support, we will do it better. Here is Cheap Runescape Gold for sale.


Rsgoldfast Team