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The Deadman Autumn Invitational is hot in progressing

Sep-19-2017 PST

From yesterday, The Deadman Autumn Invitational is begining at 12pm. The top 2000 players from our Autumn Season will compete for $20,000 in a week’s frenzy, which culminates live on Sept. 23 (Saturday). The time is 12 pm 18th September until approximately 5pm 23rd September. If you miss it, don’t worry. You can look again from the (


Pay attention on XP:


1. There is no cap on XP gain.


2.Unskilled players protect all XP lost on death.


3.There is a 50x rebuild rate on XP in stats that have been lost on death.


The others:


1.All players has a skull penalty .The skull penalty will last for 5 minutes. If you previously had a skull with less than 5 minutes remaining it will revert to 5 minutes. If you not it will unchanged.


2.One minute grace period for reasonable kills. A reasonable kill can be defined as killing a player within 30 combat levels of yourself.


3.POH pool are not available within 3 minutes of fighting.


4.All rune and arrow shops now restock at a much faster rate.


At last, the most important is Barrows is accessible for the week of the tournament.but Raids, Zulrah, and Lava dragons are inaccessible for the entire. Buy cheap RuneScape 3 Gold and RS07 Gold on You can get the 3% discount(BTS3).


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team