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The Deadline for Fiesta DE Guerreros and Starfire Weapons in Runescape

May-05-2013 PST

Fiesta DE Guerreros

This week, this is a double celebration in Runescape world, accompanied by May 5 and the Latin American Spanish RUNESCAPE launch in the near future. Therefore, there are a lot of new prizes!

First, there is a spicy snack a group. Four species of small bread dry, each of 200 health treatment, and temporarily increases agility, strength, magic and the constitution. Wraps can combine four toppings, all of which can be traded. Add your choice of first-class 400 health treatment, and increase your agility, strength, magic or constitution, and even more than a pie! Share feelings corn chips get to celebrate. Put them on the ground to enjoy everything around you - each platter has ten sections, each 800 health treatment.

Equipped with tremendous strength and courage by guerreros, luchador masks is on sale now. Each mask theme is a god of Gielinor - as el Salvador HOMBRE cape Verde in the battle to find balance, for example, or soar as La Justicia Voladora into action. Carnival kicks off on May 5th in itself - 00:00 GMT on May 5, 2013 - May 13 23:59 GMT. After this date, all of the food item will disappear in the world of Runescape. Masks, however, is still up for grabs. Need to be aware of is a straw hat and souvenir key is compatible with all 10 mask dragon.

Starfire & Starfury was

Don't forget, starlight starborn ore, diamond and the blueprint of weapons still screaming wealth and the Gielinor competition next week in Runescape. To collect these bizarre alien, you can set up their own starfire and starfury weapon! Once you get one or more of these programs - whether by winning their wealth of screaming, or find them in the game - artisan workshops Falador talking to Eva. He will forge the spark and upgrade them to the starfury weapons, - as long as you have the correct component. On May 6, these foreign material from the 23:59 GMT will disappear.

Samid gloves

Finally, we prolonged more than Samid gloves may be used to June 3, 2013. If you still have a charging set of gloves, before that, be sure to use them!

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