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The Bird and therefore the Beast World Event a pair of

Dec-12-2013 PST

Bandos and Armadyl ar fastened in an exceedingly immortal stand-off higher than Falador. From atop lofty towers, they are gathering divine energy to fuel besieging weapons of prodigious power - enough to kill a god.


After pledging your allegiance to Armadyl or Bandos, you may support the energy-gathering effort to assist your god get his shot off initial, killing the opposite outright.


Protect friendly caravans sent intent on gather the energy and attack those happiness to the enemy; battle enemy players; build powerful war structures on the caravan routes and have your say in your side's grand strategy - all to create positive your god's the one standing at the end!


The stakes haven't been higher, and therefore the rewards ar awesome: new combat abilities; hybrid armour with an opportunity to Runescape Gold scale back cooldowns on combat abilities; titles, cosmetic weapon overrides and - after all - lots of XP.