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The Best way to get wilderness warbands in Runescape

Apr-24-2013 PST

New D&D brutal combat will test your stealth, and the most dangerous place in RuneScape combat of the team cooperation ability. Quercus the ent warbands appeared in the wilderness. Wilderness is a dangerous place RuneScape, it has been a robber and rogue's paradise. Recently, although rumours about Orlando Smith's archaeological dig, they have begun to unite, a larger, more organized group of killing, looting: all the name of the god RUNESCAPE! Quercus is becoming a threat to the balance of the world, although he can't direct intervention, but people can go to intervention.

Quercus for field team camp, a notification is sent on a regular basis. You need to collect some powerful, reliable friend to enhance strength, make your way through PKers and other dangerous wilderness. In so doing, plus skills, team cooperation and enough courage, you will be able to get warband.

If you have your eye on the warband, direct attack is not the right way. Each clan camp is based on a summoning beam, the team call ally. Was found close enough and do not, you can convert beam, switch on a rival of god. Transformation process is faster, more and more people participate, so be sure to sneak in many vandals, you can. Once this is complete, the color of the light beam will change, you can start another process like this: at this time, a summons ceremony will be held in the opponent's team! Opposition forces to attack once successful, you can get your own conditions to enter battle. This is the first enemy in the game to use Evolution combat mechanics and all the new AI, so they are still powerful enemy!

If you let yourself be seen, the chapter will be through the beam together like-minded thief, will be fighting against you. In addition, don't forget, this is a wilderness. You will become the target of PKers, even from your own team - when they bring you down may deliberately remind warband, distract you.

In the end, every time you robbed a tent, you have the opportunity to pick up the wand treachery. Grade 70 magic weapon is all powerful and circulation, but there is a problem: when you pick it up, but it will be broadcast to everyone in the vicinity, your prayer points will be completely exhausted, you'll become the vulnerable people - regardless of their level. It was at such a time you find out who your real friends are! Of the risks involved is huge, but the rewards are greater, like more Runescape Gold, Items, and other amazing things. Do you have a cunning and survival skills in the craziest RUNESCAPE land?