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Testing to the Beta Programme of RuneScape 3 is living

Apr-18-2013 PST

Runescape is open today 3 of the first part of the Beta program. Selected testers and all the gold and silver member of club can now login into building HTML5 client earlier. If you don't get, don't worry. In the next few weeks, we will expand our tester, if you are selected, we will inform you. We will soon send the new interface system alpha's invitation.

Don't forget: before the RS3 released this summer, all the members will have the opportunity to try HTML5 client and new interface system.

If you are in, you can log in right away. In order to get the best experience, before login, please perform the following operations:

Download and install the latest version of the Google browser. This is currently onlysupported browser with Runescape Gold. From your graphics card manufacturer's website to Download and install the latest graphics driver. Note this is an early beta version. The client has not yet been optimized, burr will have obvious errors and graphics. Your second per frame and general client performance is likely to be below the on-site customer. Which will further improve public beta goes on, our technical team ready to fully focus on the optimization of the client. As you progress through the public beta, you can enjoy faster loading speed and smooth performance. In order to help you build and run successfully for the first time, we have all the default graphical interface, this will make things look similar to the customer on site. If you find the HTML5 client-side performance is good, we encourage you to increase your Settings in the options menu.

Please note that some of the existing functionality and no production. We will add these in the next few weeks. These features include:

Map of the world. Music system. Hint arrows and breadcrumb trails. There are several new in-game cut scenes. With this in mind, keep the log in and give it a try!

When you play, please report any error you encountered on the BBS feedback to us. This is your chance to tell us what you are thinking, you want us to improve the core component of 3 RUNESCAPE! We are particularly interested in are the following:

New game world looking at? Through your vision of a world distance increase to explore Runescape Gielinor. The graphics Settings affect how your experience? Try all kinds of available Settings reflection, flowering, draw distance and shadow. Find out the most suitable for your hardware, and let us know, so we can optimize the client accordingly. We hope that you like to try these new features before the launch, we can't wait for, look at your idea. Now log in and help us to make you want to see the Runescape!

The RuneScape Team

For more information on the RuneScape 3 Beta Programme, visit the