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Tell you the exclusive intelligence of Reddit AMAA last wendsday


Tell you the exclusive intelligence of Reddit AMAA last wendsday

Divination is here! The first new skills in Runescape has three years, allowing the player to collect energy and memory Guthix fallen god. In addition to the Gielinor this big world, it is likely to be have a lot of problems, about the function, the skill of the surrounding it dead. Want to get the odd? Head to our Q&A session hosted in Reddit 7 PM BST on Wednesday night.


The mystery of divination skills at hand MODS Zhang Xiao and Anna, behind this update part of the design and development of the Chinese super league team. Together they will hold our latest bookmarks deal almost everything asked me for new divination capability is the focus of the Q&A session. Throughout the meeting, they'll goal is to make you a deeper understanding of their work, effects and experience in the development of new skills and techniques, they have any close skilling on hand.


Time: on Wednesday August 21-7 PM to 9 PM BST (1:00 PM - 3 PM EST / 11 am - 1:00 PM PDT). The post will be posted in a short period of time before we start. We look forward to reading your question! At the same time, if it is you who would like to see a challenge, do a bookmark trading Q&A session, feel free to advise them on the discussion thread. The Mod Crow with RUNESCAPE community team

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