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Tell you some community events in Runescape world


Tell you some community events in Runescape world

Aspiring gladiator duel and lovers will be delighted to hear RuneHQ will run F2P duel arena activities from May 18! If you want to know more information about it, you can visit RuneHQ BBS of the subject.

The diligent scribes has been out of The studio is full of candle in The dark, numerous scrolls were made in their ink stains or fist. This can only mean one thing: The Tip of The latest magazine. The magazine contains a series of interesting articles, you can check out here.

On the Tip of a related instructions. It is seeking to join their ancient order of the authors and editors, as a guest writer or full-time contributors. Those gifted Runescape colloquialism and a love of writing, should improve their writing level.

Are you listening to RuneRadio? There is always a great music playing and you can join DJ Quackyz every Sunday and DJ CallMeMatt RuneTalk chat show every week, and the other website and community of players from all over the world!

As everyone excited about divination was named the next skills, RUNESCAPE Skyzah took his five skills in RUNESCAPE, and told us that he likes them. What is your favorite skill?

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