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Tell you how to start Daemonheim task set with the queen squirrel

Sep-19-2013 PST

How to start Daemonheim set of tasks: first, the hero of the access interface. Then, choose success title, and then from the drop-down box Daemonheim the upper left corner of the interface. Through this, you can see each task, you need to do is what, and ask your rewards, once you have completed the category.

Requirement: your Runescape member must. Many tasks have their own requirements. See all the details of this.


Comments and Suggestions: super gold Chinchompa update has been very popular in September, and your feedback to we have a lot of help. We listen to what you say, and according to your request make the following changes: many of you said sad you name carefully, and peppers, lard and caffeine gold chinchompas inevitably raised in diet, the fate of the messy. We are pleased to confirm a permanent, non combustible gold chinchompa pet - or say name, as lovely as before - will be available in the near future. More information will come soon, so closely watch the news. Remember, though, until September 16 gold chinchompas screaming wealth work exactly the same as before. Continue to feed them enjoy the gold and items, because they will be gone, 16!

We know that some of you have missed a month to complete a super challenge disappointed in September, it is impossible to get the top awards.


With this in mind, we now provide the highest level of super rewards - so, September 35000 loyalty points, the remarkable hero equipment, shield hero - in 25 completed challenge, and with 25000 loyalty points and the super hero claws already exists. You still need to complete the challenge, let the best loot the lion's share of your hand, but you can't miss it, just because you have missed some.


If you are in trouble, what you need is a particular challenge, because busy, we strongly recommend switching of the world. While there are several world picture content, remember, it can be done everything you need super any member in September "game of the world. As usual, if you have any further feedback, don't hesitate to let us know in discussion threads, or advice on the BBS.

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