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Superior voting results to precious system

Oct-30-2013 PST

We did a survey of more than 60%, your precious system plus project of RUNESCAPE voted against it. Though it is clear that many of you want to see the content and expectations at the high end of the game of competition, the credit is not the form, you want to see it in the department of defense idea, will release more detailed voting details soon, but the result is quite clear. Reputation system is not into games.


Personally, I am very happy with the result. I would rather than release from for the player should start from scratch, please. We also have a lot of everyone's feedback. Most is really constructive, such as "I'll vote for prestige, if. . . " "I didn't vote of prestige, because. . . " Even "instead of prestige, why didn't realize. . . " Thank you so much, and keep it coming. Even if you can't see the response to a JMod, this does not mean that we don't notice it. Developers and players work together, this is what we call "do" by you.


So, what will happen next? We need to reevaluate your tells us that our goals and our implementation. Your feedback, we want to consider new ideas, meet your expectations, and suitable for the way you want to play Runescape. Whatever we come up with a single system or more of a choice, we will decide what to play with you. We will never give up the idea of the desired content, but we need to make sure we do a way, you are very happy.