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Super September of you and Allen challenge

Sep-22-2013 PST

On September 20, 2013 the challenge of farmyard manure on the rampage. Kill 50 cows, sheep and chickens. On September 21, 2013, the challenge of Beduelled. Duel in a duel near Al Kharid arena and other players. On September 22, 2013, the challenges of the faithful. Committed to three different gods the altar of prayer.


Allen's challenge to live


Everybody is good, super to enter the last week of September, we celebrate the MOD Campbell completed a series of challenges - or face the consequences, will see a live stream! In September the super Allen (also known as the department of defense Campbell) have tried to a super challenge in September, in real life every week. So far, we have 50 bananas to feed him, looking at his face, he catch a fish, and sent his assault on, of course, you can see on Monday! Now it is time to put the Allen challenge speeding, because we can give him back to the fourth wall into the Gielinor Allen's challenge: a night scene!


Throughout the live stream, we will set up Allen's challenge, completed in the game. If he is successful, the actual real-life super cloak awaited him in September. If he fails, but Allen may wish to him again in the face of the deep trout, because he will have to try to lose his life.


We have a series of challenges, and on line, but you are very welcome to play in. You can set the Allen's challenge, even suggested that vile abstained flow on BBS theme. The best, we will happily put in front of Alan. Then, through the real-time data stream itself, you can help him to complete the challenge, or to do your best drainage hole to see the results on the camera, his chance to contribute. This should be a lot of fun. We Twitch. TV channel on September 23 (Monday) at 7 PM BST real-time flow kick off. Discuss flow for more details, and give your challenge/confiscated advice, check out the thread.


For more Super September challenge and Allen challenge is on